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CLIMIT - CLimate change impacts on Insects and their MITigation

CLIMIT aims to assess the combined impacts of human-induced changes in climate and habitat (area, isolation, patch quality) on some of Europe’s most specialised and threatened grassland insects that depend on ants (myrmecophiles), by studying their local adaptations, changing niches and different needs across a gradient of local climates from the Mediterranean to the North/ Baltic seas.

We will compare the fates of species that have different relationships with ants under different scenarios of climate and land use change, as well as studying their potential to evolve adaptations to new environments.

Finally CLIMIT will test current ideas for adaptive management to conserve myrmecophiles on existing and new sites across landscapes, and will model the potential for the mitigation of global change impacts.

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The project is funded by the following institutions within the project BiodivERsA:
ANR – France DLR-BMBF – Germany NERC – UK DEFRA – UK Swedish EPA – Sweden Formas – Sweden

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