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Monitoring Climate Change with Dragonflies published

We are pleased to inform you that BioRisk (http://bit.ly/fhhSQn) has published an important outcome of the ALARM and CLIMIT projects, Monitoring Climatic Change With Dragonflies (http://bit.ly/dZVXn8) consisting of 15 research papers. This special issue is a nice addition to the BioRisk collection that started with the publication of the Climatic Risk Atlas of European Butterflies (http://bit.ly/ebzO0G)(downloaded more than 30,000 times from both Pensoft's and UFZ's servers!) and the 1000-page treatise Alien Terrestrial Invertebrates of Europe (http://bit.ly/gDlvUG).

We would like to invite you to publish in BioRisk to experience and enjoy the numerous technological innovations (http://bit.ly/gMxEjb) in publishing and dissemination of information in all branches of ecology and biodiversity science, available through the highly sophisticated, brand new journal publishing platform (www.pensoft.net/journals) of Pensoft. BioRisk is extremely appropriate for publishing results of FP projects either as regular research papers or in a form of special issues, conference proceedings, thematic collections of papers, monographs, data publications and so on. All papers are open access and free to read, download, print, and distribute. There are no restrictions in manuscript's size neither there are restrictions or charges for publishing in color, in both the online and print versions of the journals.

You may learn a bit more about the journal's unique features in the attached file (downloadable also at "

We welcome manuscript submissions from you and your colleagues!

Josef Settele (Editor in Chief) and Lyubomir Penev (Managing Editor)
www.pensoft.net/journals/biorisk | biorisk@pensoft.net

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